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  • Quality is at the heart of our services. We achieve this through our experienced team, robust internal processes, and our commitment to ongoing learning and improvement. We also have a quality management leadership team that works with you throughout the project term to make sure our people and consulting skills are at par with the high benchmarks we've set for ourselves along with ensuring the deliverables are accurate.

  • Being smaller than the giants allows us to make the experience more personal and high-touch for you. Additionally, as a nimble and agile partner, we quickly adapt to market changes and client needs, ensuring you always stay a step ahead. We bring modern frameworks, leaving the poor aspects of orthodox methods behind. Our global delivery system and modern frameworks also help us provide high-quality at manageable prices.

  • Being spread across 3 continents allows us to be cross-functional and adapt to needs quickly. We can bring a combination of high-touch in-person team members partnered with cost-effective remote yet assigned consultants. Additionally, the company was established to solve for this exact problem. We are committed to sticking the right balance when it comes to cost, which means we are not trying to be the "cheapest" option; we are striving for high-quality at the best possible pricing using our unique delivery methods, efficient internal processes and a modern hiring strategy. 

  • Our results and success hinge on making our end users successful. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with clients, use agile project management for prompt and efficient outcomes, and tap into our global team's expertise. We consistently align our solutions with client objectives, ensuring that their goals are met and often exceeded.

  • We prioritise seamless collaboration and transparency. Our team is equipped with exceptional communication and soft skills, ensuring smooth project execution. Additionally, we apply agile project management to each project. Our clear sprint-based plans, daily stand-ups and weekly statuses keep the management and collaboration alive and smooth.

  • We have teams across 3 continents with an intentional bench availability to ensure that size of team is never an obstruction to success. We also have a dedicated Center of Excellence for cultivating new talent and skills. Additionally, our strategic partnerships with data tools and industry leaders keep us ahead of the curve.

  • Fluidata places utmost importance on data security and privacy. We strictly align our protocols to relevant data protection laws like GDPR and HIPAA, and respect rules around PII and PHI. Most importantly, we don't make the rules! For ensuring alignment with our clients' security policies, we work closely with their security teams to guarantee all processes meet company standards. At Fluidata, your data's safety is our priority.

  • YES! Fluidata excels in strategic consulting. We align our data and analytics solutions with your broader business objectives, enabling you to make data-informed decisions that support innovation and competitive advantage in your industry.


This section is for the burning questions our diligent future customers typically ask. If you have a question that is not list here please feel free to email us:

People-Powered Success

In consulting, people often tip the scales between success and mediocrity. Rather than just offering developers who work in the background, we present client-engaging consultants at every tier. Our strength lies in three pillars: skilled People, cutting-edge Technology, and tried-and-true Best Practices. We're here to collaborate and ensure your success.

Efficiency Meets Excellence

We aim to reduce your team's data efforts while saving you money. At Fluidata, we blend cost-efficiency with top-notch quality. Our global delivery model spread across 3 continents allows us to offer affordable rates without compromising service quality, giving you exceptional value for your investment.

Ahead of the Curve

At Fluidata, we're not just familiar with data technologies—we're passionate about them. Continuously investing in research and training, we ensure we're ahead of the latest trends and advancements in data and analytics. This dedication is our foundation, equipping our clients to confidently and innovatively navigate an ever-evolving landscape.

Strategic Parnterships

At Fluidata, our primary focus is always our clients' needs. In line with this commitment, we've forged select partnerships, ensuring a customer-centric approach. Every collaboration is handpicked based on the innovation and practicality of data and analytics tools. Through these partnerships, we amplify our service offerings, empowering your success and growth.


Fluidata Analytics?

As a modern data and analytics consultancy, we focus on agility, people and technology. We go beyond traditional data consulting by bringing in our unique people-centric approach paired with a 'no-compromise, cost-effective' framework. We believe that the best data solutions are the ones that create value for end users. From discovery to adoption and everything in the middle, we curate each step with customer success at the helm.

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