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Fluidata's story began with a simple yet significant realization by our founder, Akash, while working as a lead data and analytics consultant in Boston. He saw the need for a global delivery partner that could provide high-quality analytics solutions while maintaining an economical balance. This sparked the birth of Fluidata Analytics, initially a small team in India which is now evolved into a global front-runner in data and analytics consulting.

With team members, partners, and clients spanning four continents, we are committed to a straightforward goal: Delivering effective, high-quality, and highly adoptable data and analytics services to eventually be recognized as the best data-focused services firm globally.



How we work

​We believe in taking a collaborative approach to ensure project success. We take an objective stand for our clients and carefully craft lasting solutions. Adoption and user success are a large part of our success strategy, and in turn, assuring that the end user of our services is empowered becomes critical to our process. We are the team that will not hold back on raising our hand when we think you are going off-course.

Our cross-functional team is known for their accountability, amicability, and solution-driven mindset. We work together to bring the collective expertise of our entire organization to every project, and we assign a dedicated team to ensure its success. 

At Fluidata Analytics, in addition to executing our client's vision, we also take pride in contributing to it with innovation and strategic consulting. In addition to enabling decision-makers with actionable insights and telling a story with your information, we also leverage our domain expertise to provide a birds-eye view into your industry.

Akash Amritkar, Founder & CEO

Join us on our journey to be the best-in-class

modern data and analytics consultancy

Who is Fluidata Analytics?

Fluidata Analytics LLP is a modern Data and Analytics consultancy. We solve enterprise problems by leveraging cutting-edge data technologies and techniques. 

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