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Aerial view of a manufacturing plant


We propel Manufacturing 4.0 by delivering strategic analytics and AI solutions. From Fortune Top 50 to startups, our diverse experience enables us to provide unparalleled decision-making across all departments. Our clients experience reduced operational costs, improved business planning, and increased productivity & quality among other benefits.

A supply hub

Logistics & Supply Chain

​Our solutions deliver strategic and real-time analytics, transforming logistics businesses with improved customer engagement, shipping lifecycle, dynamic pricing, lowered operational costs and more. We enable logistics leaders with an enterprise-wide decision-making and optimisation system.

Students celebrating graduation

Higher Education

​Through our experience of working with Ivy League institutions and knowledge partnerships with IIMs, we empower institutes to grow multifold across 9 key aspects. Our solutions drive student lifecycle, enable faculty retention and productivity, improve graduation outcomes, promote inclusivity, and enhance overall institutional perception.

Retail & B2C

We deliver cutting-edge analytics for retail & e-commerce, focusing on maximizing customer satisfaction and engagement. Our comprehensive, 360 degree customer and operational decision systems fine-tune marketing efforts with precise attribution, drive operational excellence and positively influence the top and bottom line.

Business Consulting

​Fluidata collaborates with business consulting firms to elevate client offerings, leveraging our advanced analytics and AI expertise to drive high-value business outcomes, technical implementations and strategic roadmaps that provide significant value to the businesses and a competitive edge to our partners.

Unlocking Growth Across Industries

We combine our analytics and AI expertise with Industry knowledge to drive unparalleled ROI by tackling your most critical business challenges head-on.

Unleash the power of your data with our expert team.

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