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A comprehensive turnaround in University Data Management with Fluidata's data engineering expertise

Transforming a University's

Data Landscape

Cutting-edge Data Engineering

At Fluidata, we believe in harnessing the power of data to drive change. In a recent engagement with a prominent university, we turned a complex data scenario into a success story. Dealing with disjointed data systems, the university was facing considerable inefficiencies. We stepped in to streamline their data, set up a powerful analytics hub, and rolled out cost-saving strategies. Our efforts led to enhanced operations, reduction of manual effort along with significant cost and time savings. This advanced data engineering transformation that underscores our commitment to turning data challenges into simplified strategic wins.



Higher Education, Applicable to other Industries


Informatica Cloud (IDMC), SQL, Salesforce, Custom APIs


Data Engineering & Integration



Our Solution:

Impact Created:

Our team at Fluidata designed and implemented a unique data integration plan, eliminating data silos and fostering seamless data flow across systems.

> We set up a central data exchange hub, boosting the university's enterprise data management and operational reporting capabilities.

> Fluidata enabled manual and automated validation frameworks, ensuring data integrity and reliability, even during downtimes.

> Adhering to data engineering best practices, we provided the university with a reliable, cost-efficient and future-proof data management solution.

> We ensured a smooth transition by delivering comprehensive documentation and ongoing support to the university's team.

 Fluidata successfully completed the project 4x faster at 50% lesser cost as compared to the university doing it themselves.

> We reduced errors and saved significant time and resources in critical processes like admissions and enrolment.

 The university is empowered with integrated data across 10+ systems, improving data accessibility and reducing data management complexities.

 Cloud optimisation and moderization was a key aspect of discussion and best-practice driver during this project. The University made significant strides with the same.

 The central data exchange hub now acts not just as a validated redundancy during key system downtime but also, a operation reporting hub which will be elevated to a data lake soon.

Problem Statement:

A leading university was struggling with data silos across different systems, causing inefficiencies, mistakes, and slowing down business critical processes.

Data Silos are crippling your growth. 

Experience the transformation that Fluidata can bring to your org's data management:

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