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Data Integration

& Analytics

We've created cutting-edge data frameworks that begin with your problems and lead to highly adoptable enterprise analytics solutions that uncover insights your team's been waiting for.

Data Driven


We are obsessed with business process efficiency. We believe with the ever-growing system footprint, automating and integrating flow of data is more critical than ever.

Accelerated Cloud


Cloud migrations are critical, hence we have developed several strategic and tactical accelerators. The Result? Together we can exponentially speed up your modern data and cloud goals.


Managed Services

We are 'lean' data project experts. Through our unique high-touch global delivery system, we are able to be your extended data team. A team that focuses on delivering highly adoptable projects alongside you.

The best solutions are success oriented and user driven.

As a team, we believe in delivering solutions that make our clients' life easier.

Our solutions and products are designed to solve problems in the most efficient, cost-effective, and scalable way possible. Our strategy prioritizes user adoption, collaboration and high quality of deliverables, making your success crucial to ours.

We stay on top of modern Data and Analytics
to keep you ahead of the curve.

29 June 2023 • Case Study

Fluidata Transforms Siloed Data Landscape

A comprehensive turnaround in University Data Management with Fluidata's data engineering expertise

Coming Soon • Announcement

Fluidata's New Strategic Partnerships

We will be announcing multiple strategic partnerships later this month, stay tuned to our website or follow us on LinkedIn to be the first one to know.

  • LinkedIn

03 July 2023 • Announcement

Fluidata's New Career Launcher Is Here 🚀

Are you beginning your career in data and analytics? Our new Centre of Excellence is calling on aspiring data engineers to learn, and launch their career with cutting-edge technologies.

Latest News

Catch up on the latest Fluidata Analytics news & updates here

We make your data tell stories in a Governed, Integrated and Automated way using modern Analytics & AI.

Driving Business Outcomes with Data & AI.

  Modern Data & AI Consultancy

Last Year in Review

We thrive on embracing diverse projects that span across various domains. We succeed by leveraging our full width in the Data and Analytics horizontal to identify impact and drive innovation at the intersection of different disciplines.


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