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A well-rounded cloud modernisation project for Enhanced Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Simplified Management

Fluidata helped save 50%+ in data infrastructure costs.

True Cloud Modernisation

Fluidata successfully executed a cloud data modernization project for a client burdened by high management costs and limitations of an on-premises data architecture. By adopting a "Enhance+Migrate" approach, Fluidata eliminated unused and unnecessary data assets, optimized data flows, and migrated the client's infrastructure to a scalable and cost-effective SaaS cloud model. The project resulted in substantial cost savings, a modern cloud-native data landscape, enhanced scalability and flexibility, advanced analytics capabilities, and improved decision-making agility.



All/Industry Agnostic


Snowflake, cloud ETL, DBT, Python


Cloud Modernisation



Our Solution:

Impact Created:

Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the client's on-premises architecture, identifying management inefficiencies and areas for improvement. We implemented strategies to eliminate redundant data assets, clean up existing flows, and consolidate systems, ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective data landscape.

> We designed a scalable and cost-effective cloud-based data architecture that met the client's unique requirements. By leveraging cloud-native technologies and services, we ensured optimal resource utilization and cost efficiency, allowing the client to scale their infrastructure seamlessly as their data demands grew.

> We are more than just technology experts, we followed our Enhance+Migrate method to robustly combine workflows, eliminate unnecessary assets and migrate a more optimised version of the on-prem setup to the cloud.

> We ensured a smooth transition by delivering failsafes, comprehensive documentation and ongoing support to the university's team.

 The client has already seen a 50%+ reduction in data infrastructure cost with a positive ROI on the Fluidata project within a year. This ROI continues to exponentially multiply.

 The management were able to redirect their resources towards innovation and growth, rather than being tied down by infrastructure maintenance.

> The cloud-based architecture provided the client with unparalleled scalability and flexibility. This allowed them to adapt quickly to market shifts and business needs.

 The new and improved cloud-native architecture allowed for faster and reliable enablement for decision-makers, resulting in growth critical actions.

 Fluidata's "Enhance+Migrate" approach enabled the client to eliminate unused and unnecessary data assets and simplify data flows.

Problem Statement:

Our recent client, burdened with high management costs and limitations of an on-premises data architecture, sought a transformative solution to optimize their data infrastructure. The goal: eliminate complexities associated with maintaining on-premises systems, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

The right cloud strategy saves and makes money for your business.

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