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for Educational Institutions

Using the power of Analytics & AI, we can join forces to enhance institutional effectiveness and enrich student experience.

Let's embark on this journey of setting groundbreaking standards across the realm of education.

Seamlessly navigate student journeys from enrollment to graduation, enhancing overall student experience.

Student Lifecycle

Align curriculum and services strategically for stronger student capabilities, attracting quality companies, and boosting average placement cycle CTC.


Graduation Outcomes

Develop academic relations and opportunities beyond national boundaries through informed and suitable brand building and global collaboration efforts.

Enhanced Global Outreach & Branding

Implement unbiased admission processes tailored to institutional goals, promoting diversity in outreach and selection of high caliber, self-motivated students.

Fair and Inclusive Admissions

Develop and adapt curricula to match dynamic industry trends, empowering students with skills highly sought after by recruiters in the evolving job market.

Agile & Relevant Curriculum Building

Tailor career guidance and pathways to individual student aspirations for an improved perception among employers through delivery of prime talent.

Career Pathways

Leverage AI for tailored course recommendations, task allocation, and efficient use of financial resources, enhancing faculty and staff productivity.

Personalised AI Recommendations

Establish a centralized hub for accurate, real-time data, empowering informed decision-making across the institution for greater operational efficacy.

Single Source of Truth & Decision-Making

Cultivate strong alumni relations, expand professional networks, and enhance institutional perception across academic and professional peers globally.

Alumni, Network
& Perception Growth

Our Solutions for Higher Education

Fluidata implements industry leading and hyper-customised data, analytics and AI ecosystems that enable institutions to solve critical challenges and leverage exponential growth opportunities.

Empower Strategic Performance Across Key Parameters through Data

Financial Resource Distribution & Utilization

Research, Patents, IPP/IPR Quality & Footprint

Time Allocation Efficiency for Faculty & Staff

Institute Perception Among Peers

Diversity of Intake & Extent of Alumni Relations

NIRF Information

With Our Groundbreaking NIRF Dashboard

Our dashboard offers unparalleled insights, enabling institutes to delve deep into their own data and benchmark against competitors. This tool provides a comprehensive, 10x more insightful analysis, allowing for strategic comparisons and informed decision-making.

*Institution email ID required

Meet our Higher Education Solution Experts


Akash Amritkar

Bringing over 10 years of expertise in Data & Analytics Consulting, Akash has led 70+ global projects across 8 distinct industries. His diverse clientele includes Ivy League Universities, Fortune 50 companies, and startups, showcasing his adeptness in delivering impactful solutions at the intersection of data and business.

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Knowledge Partner
& Solutions Expert

Prof. Rahul Kumar

With over a decade of experience within the Indian B-School system, Professor Rahul is a distinguished faculty member specializing in Information Systems at IIM, Sambalpur. His extensive expertise is accentuated by a portfolio boasting over 20 published research papers and projects in the realms of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

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Higher-ed Advisor,
IIM Ahmedabad

Prof. Rajat Sharma

As an accomplished Professor at IIM, Ahmedabad, he combines a decade of academic excellence with expertise in analytics and digital marketing. His extensive consulting experience and notable contributions uniquely position him to elevate data and analytics services for Indian higher education institutions.

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Sr. Consultant
Analytics & AI

Swasti Pattanaik

Experienced data engineer excelling in Cloud Data Integration, Application Integration, and Business Analytics. Proven track record at institutions like Northeastern University. Successfully leads innovative data projects, blending technical expertise with a profound understanding of university requirements.

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Data & Analytics

Kartik Dahake

Rooted in data engineering and driven by a commitment to tackle higher education challenges, Kartik excels in optimizing institutional processes and leveraging data for student success. He is dedicated to advancing education through tailored, innovative data solutions crafted for the distinct needs of academic institutions.

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Fluidata's NIRF Navigator

+91 99999 99999 (India)
+1 (774) 314 7090 (USA & Rest of World)

Enable Institutional Growth

& Improve Student Outcomes  with Data & AI 

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